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Volunteering Opportunities

The Statements for Liberty PAC was recently created and is looking for volunteers to help in a large variety of roles. If you have the desire to be an activist, we can put you to work!

Committee Positions

The Drafting Assistance Committee reviews draft candidate statements submitted by candidates and provides advice for the purpose of improving those candidate statements. Members of this committee should have strong written language skills and be prepared to provide copy editing and content advice to candidates.

High-quality candidate statements will serve to introduce voters to libertarian ideas, policies, and arguments, and to contrast them with other political viewpoints. This will grow awareness of and respect for libertarian positions.

The Placement Assistance Committee helps candidates meet the government's requirements for publishing their candidate statement in the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet. There are two ways to get a candidate statement published: by paying a fee, or by collecting signatures (petitioning). This committee will decide the appropriate strategy to pursue for each candidate, and may themselves become petitioners or work with third-party petitioners.

A large number of libertarian candidate statements in the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet will draw votes for our candidates and encourage voters to switch their voter registration to Libertarian.

The Fundraising Committee solicits donations to fund all the operations of the Statements for Liberty PAC. This work makes all of our other work possible.

Leadership Positions


The duties of the Secretary include preparing board meeting agendas, sending notice of board meetings, recording board meeting minutes, and maintaining a collection of these and other written officer and committee reports. The Secretary will also receive correspondence for the PAC and direct it to the appropriate recipient(s). The Secretary should be detail-oriented and an excellent note-taker.

We currently have a State Treasurer, but need a Federal Treasurer. Why two treasurers? Compliance with state and federal campaign finance laws and regulations is complex, so it makes sense to split the workload. The Federal Treasurer should have a working understanding of federal campaign finance laws and regulations. The Federal Treasurer will be our accountant for our federal (but not state) funds, and will create a balance sheet and cash flow statement for each board meeting.


We have a 5-seat Board of Directors responsible for oversight of the organization. The Board selects officers, appoints chairs and members of committees, and develops policies regarding how candidates apply for the PAC's assistance and how the PAC decides which applicants to help when there are not enough resources to help them all. The Board also approves all financial expenditures.

There are eligibility restrictions to be a member of the Board of Directors. See the bylaws for details.

Join Us!

Please use the contact page to get in touch with us and let us know what interests you. We are grateful for your help!

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