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Thank You!

Your donations make the work of this organization possible. We minimize expenses by having Officers and a Board of Directors that are all-volunteer, so you know that your money goes as much as possible to helping Libertarian candidates.

We maintain completely separate financial accounts for activities related to state (and local) candidates, and for federal candidates. General overhead activity is funded from the state account. You must designate whether your donation is for the State account or for the Federal account.

Because we do not currently have a Federal Treasurer, we are unable to accept donations for the Federal account at this time.

We are currently only able to accept donations by mail. In the future, we will also be able to accept online donations.

Printable donation forms:

Due to Oregon reporting requirements, the financial status of and activity in our State account are public records and are available online: Account Summary, Campaign Finance Activity

If you would like to restrict your donation so that it will only used for some specific purpose (e.g. only for a particular office or category of offices), please indicate the restriction when making your donation.

Contribution Limits

Oregon does not limit the size of contributions to political committees.

Tax Implications

Donations are NOT tax-deductible, but they do qualify for the Oregon political contributions tax credit, typically worth $100 for joint filers or $50 or single filers.

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