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Candidate Assistance

The Statements for Liberty PAC is a partisan organization dedicated to helping Libertarian candidates spread their message in the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet.

We can help your campaign in two ways:


A Candidate Statement is limited to 325 words. This is very short, on the order of just a few paragraphs. But your Candidate Statement is probably the single most important piece of communication for your entire campaign! This few inches of text reaches every voter in your race at the very moment they are marking their ballot. Make it count!

The volunteers in our Drafting Assistance Committee can help you improve this critical text. They will provide advice and suggestions based on a rough draft that you submit, and work with you on later drafts as needed to refine the content. Rest assured that we will not try to hijack your message or bend your ideology, but we will try to help you to effectively communicate the libertarian ideas and policies most important to your campaign, especially to voters who are not very familiar with libertarianism.


To place your Candidate Statement in the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet, you must either collect a number of signatures, or pay a fee, with amounts depending on the office you are running for. This can be difficult and time consuming, or expensive. Although many candidates have paid the fee or collected enough signatures all by themselves, it is good to have help!

Generally, it makes more sense to pay the fee when campaigns have funding or are in thinly-populated districts, and it makes more sense to petition when campaigns have little money or are in densely-populated districts. In some circumstances it can also make sense to hire paid petitioners to collect signatures.

The volunteers in our Placement Assistance Committee will help you understand the requirements and process to qualify your Candidate Statement in your race, and help to get the job done. We may be able to pay a portion of the filing fee, or connect you with petitioners.

Our Process


The Statements for Liberty PAC will only assist candidates for partisan office who were nominated by the Libertarian Party of Oregon, or candidates for nonpartisan office who are registered to vote affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

External Resources

The Oregon Voters' Pamphlet Manual is essential reading. The rules must followed, or your Candidate Statement will be rejected.

Page 4 lists the filing fees and signature requirements for various offices. Page 7 describes what kinds of formatting are available. Pages 8-11 provide guidelines for Candidate Statements. (Note that page 10 gives the requirements for photographs.) This manual also has information related to petitioning for signatures, but the Circulator Training Manual explains the rules and process for circulating petitions much more thoroughly.

All candidates should review the "Quick Guide" on Campaign Finance Reporting. Serious campaigns need to read the Campaign Finance Manual, too.

Other interesting documents include the State Candidates Manual and the County, City, and District Candidates Manual. The complete set of documents, including user's manuals for the ORESTAR system, may be found here.


To apply, send an e-mail to Kyle Markley ( including the following information:

Note that you must submit a draft Candidate Statement as part of your application even if you are only asking for placement assistance. This helps us steer our limited resources toward the right candidates.

You must submit your application by June 30. This may seem like an early deadline (two months earlier than the Voters' Pamphlet filing deadline), but those two months are necessary for the Drafting Assistance Committee to do their work while still leaving enough time for the Placement Assistance Committee to help with petitioning. Note that petitioning must be complete and all signatures submitted by August 16.

We may be able to process late applications through the Drafting Assistance Committee, but will not be able to provide placement assistance because there would be insufficient time left for petitioning and likely no funds remaining to help with filing fees.

Next Steps

After the application deadline, our board of directors will meet to review the applications. You will be informed promptly whether your application is accepted or rejected.

The Drafting Assistance Committee will produce feedback on draft Candidate Statements and deliver it to candidates by mid-July.

Our board of directors will then decide, given our resources, which candidates will receive placement assistance. The Placement Assistance Committee will work with those candidates.

For candidates who will be paying the filing fee instead of petitioning, the Placement Assistance Committee will offer its services again for second (and perhaps even third) drafts.

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