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The table below lists all of the Oregon Libertarian general election candidates (excluding fusion nominees). The available candidate statements are linked. If the candidate's statement is printed in the mailed Voters' Pamphlet, it is marked as "printed", otherwise it is marked as "web only".

A candidate statement link in bold text indicates that the Statements for Liberty PAC helped with drafting, placement, or both.

You may also view all candidate statements as a single webpage.

2016 Libertarian Candidates
Office District Candidate Website Statement
President Gary Johnson website printed
Vice President Bill Weld website
US Senator Jim Lindsay
US Representative 1 Kyle Sheahan website
US Representative 4 Gil Guthrie website
Governor James Foster website printed
Secretary of State Sharon L Durbin web only
Attorney General Lars D H Hedbor
State Senator 5 Dan Souza
State Senator 9 Jack Stillwell web only
State Senator 21 Josh Howard
State Senator 22 Eugene A Newell Jr website
State Senator 25 Jeffrey Ricks
State Representative 1 Tamie Kaufman website printed
State Representative 8 Martha Sherwood web only
State Representative 9 Guy Rosinbaum
State Representative 13 Christopher Tsekouras
State Representative 16 Andrew Freborg website printed
State Representative 18 Patrick Marnell
State Representative 23 Garrett Leeds website printed
State Representative 30 Kyle Markley website printed
State Representative 31 Robert Miller
State Representative 36 Amanda Burnham
State Representative 37 Ryan R Haffner
State Representative 39 Kenny Sernach
State Representative 40 Jeffrey J Langan
State Representative 42 Jeremy Wilson printed
State Representative 48 Gary Dye website printed
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