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State Senator, 9th District

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Jack Stillwell


Occupation: Retired Management and Research Analyst

Occupational Background: USAF Air Police and SAC Security, Juvenile and Adult Probation Officer, Corrections Research Analyst (South Carolina, Texas, Oregon) Senior Management Analyst Pima County Attorney's Office, APAAC (Arizona Prosecutor Council) Information Systems Manager

Educational Background: Assoc. Crim. Just., Palmer College (Columbia SC); Bach. General Studies, Univ. of South Carolina; JD University of Oregon Law School, Graduate School, History of Science Program, Oregon State Univ.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair Pima County Criminal Justice Information Systems Committee;, Member ACJIS (State Criminal Justice Computer) Advisory Committee; Member Arizona Dept. of Transportation Criminal Justice Advisory Committee; Member and Chair City of Oakridge, OR Planning Commission; Member Oakridge OR Budget Committee

A real democracy, one for and by the people, requires that money does not dominate politics and that the functions of government are transparent to the people. Without a new, unique voice in Oregon's Senate, we cannot expect change or challenges to abuses condoned and encouraged by government.

I have been an Oregonian for 26 years and currently live in Linn County. In 2014, I was the Libertarian candidate for a seat on the Deschutes County Commission and received over 3,000 votes. If elected as your state Senator, I would defend the civil and social rights of individuals and fight for civil and economic liberty; I would strongly oppose legislation that would threaten those liberties, our environment, favor one group or business over others, or encourage monopolies in any sector. If elected, I would also support a more democratic election process. In my view, this would allow new views and third parties, including those that I do not agree with, a fairer opportunity to participate in governing. I will speak truth to power, oppose legislation that favors the few and actively protect individuals.

(This information furnished by Jack Stillwell.)

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