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State Representative, 8th District

Martha Sherwood

Martha Sherwood


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Research biologist, office manager, co-owner of retail nursery, legal researcher, freelance writer

Educational Background: BA, Biology (1970) and Russian (1991), University of Oregon, PhD, Biology, Cornell University, 1977

Prior Governmental Experience: None. I have been on the governing bodies of several nonprofits.

The principles that determine my approach to government are:

  1. Returning more responsibility and decision-making power to local bodies directly accountable to those they serve, and resisting efforts at further centralization. In Oregon, rural areas of the state suffer from decisions being made favoring the Portland metropolitan area.
  2. Becoming thoroughly familiar with the background of any proposed legislation, including original scientific papers, historical documents, and the complete texts of the bills in all their permutations. When I make a decision, I want it based on facts upon which I can rely, not digests from lobbyists who have a financial incentive to misrepresent things.
  3. A basic caution which has as its premise that no problem, however grave and apparently immediate, is a mandate for buying into the first solution presented. Too often issues like global warming or increasing income disparity, acknowledged to be serious, are used to sell the public on costly solutions that do little to address the underlying problem.

I was born in Lane County 67 years ago, and have lived here most of my life, in Eugene and on a farm in the Mohawk valley. In the sixties I marched with student protestors in support of peace and social justice issues, ideals which I still for the most part hold, but I have become increasingly skeptical of the power of centralized government to further those ideals.

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(This information furnished by Martha Sherwood.)

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