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State Representative, 42nd District

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Jeremy Wilson


Occupation: Assistant General Manager

Occupational Background: Restaurant Industry

Educational Background: Culinary School

Prior Governmental Experience: N/A

Ultimately, I'm just a working class citizen who wants everyone to have more say in what happens to the money they earn. I've always considered it very important to vote, but the concept of choosing between the ‘lesser of two evils' never really sat well with me. I've decided to run for the House of Representatives to represent similarly minded people who may lean one way or another but still thinks the entrenched, two party system does not and cannot accurately reflect the opinions of the majority of the population.

I feel that a lot of candidates and incumbents are more concerned with getting your vote than what they will do when they get into office, I would like to change that by imposing congressional term limits to dissuade career politicians and get people who actually want to make a difference with the time they have.

I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity for success and the right to self-determination. There are too many times we hear of sluggish, bureaucratic programs and positions that operate to the detriment of the people they were originally enacted to protect and assist in times of need. It is my goal to streamline these programs where possible and make them more visible and approachable for the people in my district. That way we can all be better informed and make better judgments on the issues we are facing together.

I've never been too big on talking, especially when there's work to be done. Instead of dancing around difficult subjects, I would rather offer direct solutions and work out a viable alternative. I believe there are always ways to make things better and sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, and that is what I will bring to office if I am elected.

(This information furnished by Jeremy Wilson.)

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