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State Representative, 16th District

Andrew Freborg

Andrew Freborg


Occupation: General Manager, Medical Transport

Occupational Background: Medical Office Professional

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication and Political Science from Western Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person, Benton County Republican Party, 2012-2014

I am a local businessman, husband and father asking for your vote for State Representative for District 16. I am running as a Libertarian because neither Democrats nor Republicans represent me, and I believe that can be said for most Oregonians who are fiscally conservative but socially tolerant.

It's time for a new voice to stand up and be heard: a voice that calls for the protection of your Natural Rights; a voice that calls for freedom and liberty; a voice that says while some government is necessary, you should be able to live your life with minimal interference from government bureaucrats. I hope to be that voice for you. Whether on the campaign trail or in Salem, your voice WILL be heard.

I am increasingly dismayed by the lack of transparency in government at all levels. That is why I promise to post all of my votes and the rationale behind them on my website ( and my Facebook page ( so you will always know how I voted and the reasons why on every issue. To me, the most important job of government is the defense of Liberty and the protection of your rights. With this in mind, I promise that I will only vote for legislation that is not only beneficial to my constituents, but, more importantly, doesn't violate the rights of even one individual. Even when I don't personally agree with your choices, I will defend your right to make them.

If you are tired of the two-party establishment that no longer represents you and are tired of an ever increasing and intrusive government, no matter who is in charge, then please vote for me to be your voice in Salem.

Thank You.

(This information furnished by Freborg For Oregon Representative.)

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