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James Foster

James Foster


Occupation: Business management, software engineering

Occupational Background: Technology, business, economics, law

Educational Background: JD, University of California, Los Angeles; MBA, Southern Adventist University; MS, North Dakota State University; BA, Walla Walla College

Prior Governmental Experience: Staff Attorney, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission

Family: Married 37 years, two adult children, two grandchildren

James Foster
For Social Tolerance

Most politicians believe that there is a “correct” way to organize society and their job is to impose it on you. Historically, this brought us slavery and state religion. But individuals should be free to choose their own beliefs, associations, occupations, and to keep the fruits of their labor. With this tolerance for diversity, there is less social friction and more prosperity. But as more spheres of life fall back into the political process, people find themselves fighting to prohibit or mandate things that ought to be private decisions.

Until 1972 Oregon criminalized homosexual conduct, imposing a uniform view of private sexual behavior between consenting adults on everyone. Thankfully, that anti-libertarian ban has been lifted and now states no longer discriminate when issuing marriage licenses. Yet politicians still believe that their view must be imposed on everyone, and commercial artists (such as photographers and bakers) are now prosecuted for declining to participate in weddings.

Whether the issue is food sovereignty, homeschooling, or drug policy, I support individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I also support criminal justice reform and de-militarization of law enforcement.

James Foster
For Economic Opportunity and Fiscal Responsibility

Economic liberties are as essential as civil liberties. Careers such as applying makeup or hair braiding should not require state licenses.

Oregon's public employee retirement system (PERS) has an unfunded liability of over $21 billion. Public employees should be in a defined contribution plan, similar to the 401(k) provided by many private employers.

As Governor, I would use the line-item veto to cut spending and improve Oregon's fiscal health.

James Foster
For Governor

(This information furnished by James Foster.)

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