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Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson


Occupation: Entrepreneur

Occupational Background: Grew a one-man construction business into one of New Mexico's largest, employing 1,000 people

Educational Background: B.S., University of New Mexico

Prior Governmental Experience: New Mexico Governor, 1995-2003

Gary Johnson is no stranger to taking on partisan political forces. He was elected Governor of New Mexico as a Republican in an overwhelming Democratic state — and re-elected to a second term by a wide margin despite being challenged by a popular and well-known Democrat.

As a businessman, Gary ran for Governor with no prior political resume other than his college political science degree and a passion for helping people. And although Gary considers himself to be libertarian-minded, he has always believed that good public policy should be based on a practical cost/benefit analysis, rather than strict ideology.

Johnson is best known for resisting the temptation to solve every problem with government spending and regulation, having vetoed more than 750 bills during his time in office — probably more than all other governors combined. He also cut taxes 14 times while never raising them. He balanced the state's budget, and left New Mexico with a billion-dollar surplus.

Yet, despite cutting taxes and the size of government, he improved New Mexico schools, executed a major infrastructure overhaul, and earned national accolades for his leadership in handling the devastating Cerro Grande Fire that swept across the state in 2000.

As an avid skier, adventurer, ironman, and bicyclist, Gary has scaled the highest peak on each of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest.

(This information furnished by Gary Johnson 2016.)


James Foster

James Foster


Occupation: Business management, software engineering

Occupational Background: Technology, business, economics, law

Educational Background: JD, University of California, Los Angeles; MBA, Southern Adventist University; MS, North Dakota State University; BA, Walla Walla College

Prior Governmental Experience: Staff Attorney, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission

Family: Married 37 years, two adult children, two grandchildren

James Foster
For Social Tolerance

Most politicians believe that there is a “correct” way to organize society and their job is to impose it on you. Historically, this brought us slavery and state religion. But individuals should be free to choose their own beliefs, associations, occupations, and to keep the fruits of their labor. With this tolerance for diversity, there is less social friction and more prosperity. But as more spheres of life fall back into the political process, people find themselves fighting to prohibit or mandate things that ought to be private decisions.

Until 1972 Oregon criminalized homosexual conduct, imposing a uniform view of private sexual behavior between consenting adults on everyone. Thankfully, that anti-libertarian ban has been lifted and now states no longer discriminate when issuing marriage licenses. Yet politicians still believe that their view must be imposed on everyone, and commercial artists (such as photographers and bakers) are now prosecuted for declining to participate in weddings.

Whether the issue is food sovereignty, homeschooling, or drug policy, I support individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I also support criminal justice reform and de-militarization of law enforcement.

James Foster
For Economic Opportunity and Fiscal Responsibility

Economic liberties are as essential as civil liberties. Careers such as applying makeup or hair braiding should not require state licenses.

Oregon's public employee retirement system (PERS) has an unfunded liability of over $21 billion. Public employees should be in a defined contribution plan, similar to the 401(k) provided by many private employers.

As Governor, I would use the line-item veto to cut spending and improve Oregon's fiscal health.

James Foster
For Governor

(This information furnished by James Foster.)

Secretary of State

No photo submitted

Sharon L Durbin


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Attorney

Educational Background: BS from California State Polytechnic University major in Social Science. JD from Arizona State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Prosecutor for Maricopa County, AZ. Wrote tax regulations for Arizona State Department of Revenue, Forest Grove Oregon Planning Commission 5 years.

I am running for Secretary of State because we need someone in that office who is not in one of the two major parties. Recently elections have become close and heated in many areas and having the person responsible for counting the ballots in the same party as one of the most likely candidates calls into question the fairness of the counting. The position also ought not to be the next-in-line for the Governorship because that makes it a seriously partisan position. I will be trying to keep the election process as fair and open as possible and will be lobbying for a Lieutenant Governorship position to handle many of the social tasks now handled by the Governor and be second-in-line to take over if necessary. This would keep the Secretary of State position free to operate in the best interest of the people of Oregon.

I have been an attorney both here and in Arizona. As Libertarians we are not in favor of the number of regulations and statutes imposed by both the Federal Government and the State and I would be working to keep that in the forefront of the people actually handling that part of the government. In a position of being primarily an administrator I would be fighting to see that the auditing and elections are run fairly. I am primarily interested in encouraging the people of Oregon to get out and vote their conscience in every election.

(This information furnished by Sharon L Durbin.)

State Senator, 9th District

No photo submitted

Jack Stillwell


Occupation: Retired Management and Research Analyst

Occupational Background: USAF Air Police and SAC Security, Juvenile and Adult Probation Officer, Corrections Research Analyst (South Carolina, Texas, Oregon) Senior Management Analyst Pima County Attorney's Office, APAAC (Arizona Prosecutor Council) Information Systems Manager

Educational Background: Assoc. Crim. Just., Palmer College (Columbia SC); Bach. General Studies, Univ. of South Carolina; JD University of Oregon Law School, Graduate School, History of Science Program, Oregon State Univ.

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair Pima County Criminal Justice Information Systems Committee;, Member ACJIS (State Criminal Justice Computer) Advisory Committee; Member Arizona Dept. of Transportation Criminal Justice Advisory Committee; Member and Chair City of Oakridge, OR Planning Commission; Member Oakridge OR Budget Committee

A real democracy, one for and by the people, requires that money does not dominate politics and that the functions of government are transparent to the people. Without a new, unique voice in Oregon's Senate, we cannot expect change or challenges to abuses condoned and encouraged by government.

I have been an Oregonian for 26 years and currently live in Linn County. In 2014, I was the Libertarian candidate for a seat on the Deschutes County Commission and received over 3,000 votes. If elected as your state Senator, I would defend the civil and social rights of individuals and fight for civil and economic liberty; I would strongly oppose legislation that would threaten those liberties, our environment, favor one group or business over others, or encourage monopolies in any sector. If elected, I would also support a more democratic election process. In my view, this would allow new views and third parties, including those that I do not agree with, a fairer opportunity to participate in governing. I will speak truth to power, oppose legislation that favors the few and actively protect individuals.

(This information furnished by Jack Stillwell.)

State Representative, 1st District

Tamie Kaufman

Tamie Kaufman


Occupation: Business Owner – Licensed Property Manager – City Councilor

Occupational Background: Business Management, Budgeting, Real Estate Sales, Manufactured Home Sales.

Educational Background: Eastern Oregon University, B.S. with honors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics; Southwestern Oregon Community College, A.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: City of Gold Beach (20+ years experience): Council, Budget Committee, Planning Commission; Oregon Judicial Department Citizen Review Board

Volunteer Experience: Chair: PFLAG; Gold Beach 2010 strategic planning committee; Curry County Republican Central Committee.

Vote Kaufman – The choice for Integrity, Action and Experience

Tamie Kaufman:

Tired of “business as usual” and “blame game” politics?

Elect Tamie Kaufman–a courageous proven problem solver for a “job well done.”

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Tamie Kaufman.)

State Representative, 8th District

Martha Sherwood

Martha Sherwood


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Research biologist, office manager, co-owner of retail nursery, legal researcher, freelance writer

Educational Background: BA, Biology (1970) and Russian (1991), University of Oregon, PhD, Biology, Cornell University, 1977

Prior Governmental Experience: None. I have been on the governing bodies of several nonprofits.

The principles that determine my approach to government are:

  1. Returning more responsibility and decision-making power to local bodies directly accountable to those they serve, and resisting efforts at further centralization. In Oregon, rural areas of the state suffer from decisions being made favoring the Portland metropolitan area.
  2. Becoming thoroughly familiar with the background of any proposed legislation, including original scientific papers, historical documents, and the complete texts of the bills in all their permutations. When I make a decision, I want it based on facts upon which I can rely, not digests from lobbyists who have a financial incentive to misrepresent things.
  3. A basic caution which has as its premise that no problem, however grave and apparently immediate, is a mandate for buying into the first solution presented. Too often issues like global warming or increasing income disparity, acknowledged to be serious, are used to sell the public on costly solutions that do little to address the underlying problem.

I was born in Lane County 67 years ago, and have lived here most of my life, in Eugene and on a farm in the Mohawk valley. In the sixties I marched with student protestors in support of peace and social justice issues, ideals which I still for the most part hold, but I have become increasingly skeptical of the power of centralized government to further those ideals.

For articles addressing many political issues in a Canadian online journal see:

(This information furnished by Martha Sherwood.)

State Representative, 16th District

Andrew Freborg

Andrew Freborg


Occupation: General Manager, Medical Transport

Occupational Background: Medical Office Professional

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication and Political Science from Western Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person, Benton County Republican Party, 2012-2014

I am a local businessman, husband and father asking for your vote for State Representative for District 16. I am running as a Libertarian because neither Democrats nor Republicans represent me, and I believe that can be said for most Oregonians who are fiscally conservative but socially tolerant.

It's time for a new voice to stand up and be heard: a voice that calls for the protection of your Natural Rights; a voice that calls for freedom and liberty; a voice that says while some government is necessary, you should be able to live your life with minimal interference from government bureaucrats. I hope to be that voice for you. Whether on the campaign trail or in Salem, your voice WILL be heard.

I am increasingly dismayed by the lack of transparency in government at all levels. That is why I promise to post all of my votes and the rationale behind them on my website ( and my Facebook page ( so you will always know how I voted and the reasons why on every issue. To me, the most important job of government is the defense of Liberty and the protection of your rights. With this in mind, I promise that I will only vote for legislation that is not only beneficial to my constituents, but, more importantly, doesn't violate the rights of even one individual. Even when I don't personally agree with your choices, I will defend your right to make them.

If you are tired of the two-party establishment that no longer represents you and are tired of an ever increasing and intrusive government, no matter who is in charge, then please vote for me to be your voice in Salem.

Thank You.

(This information furnished by Freborg For Oregon Representative.)

State Representative, 23rd District

Garrett Leeds

Garrett Leeds


Occupation: Safety Manager

Occupational Background: Supporting people who experience developmental disabilities

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science Social Sciences, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I'm running for office because I believe in the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence namely Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Too often political office has been a means for the politician and party to increase in power and wealth. Our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats seem to always want more power and more money. I believe you have the right and ability to make your own choices about your life. I also trust you make better choices for yourself than the government would make for you. No government has the right to regulate or control your relationships, property, lifestyle, or finances. I will stand up and help Oregon be a national leader for civil rights, and for human rights.

What does this mean for you? These are some of the things I will fight for as your representative:

I'm not in this for myself. I'm running for the House to serve you, and to stand up for our natural, human rights by limiting the power of government, and enabling you, the people. The Constitutions of the United States and the State of Oregon will be my guide. My “litmus test” on whether I will support a bill or not will be whether it will help you be more free or not. For more information, please see my website at I humbly ask for your support, and your vote.

(This information furnished by Garrett Leeds.)

State Representative, 30th District

Kyle Markley

Kyle Markley


Occupation: Technical Lead Engineer, Intel Corporation

Occupational Background: Computer microprocessor validation and debugging

Educational Background: BS Computer Science, Iowa State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Member, Joint Interim Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform, 2015-present

I am a liberal on social issues. I believe government should let people make their own decisions, even when I disagree with those decisions, so long as they don't infringe upon the individual rights of others or the public safety. I support gay marriage, ideological and cultural diversity, and liberalizing drug laws. I oppose the militarization of the police force and a legal environment that rarely holds government agents responsible for their actions.

I am a conservative on fiscal issues. I believe that even well-intentioned government programs spend wastefully, because no one is as careful with other peoples' money as they are with their own. I believe that “targeted” economic incentives are misguided public policy and a smokescreen for special interest favoritism and crony capitalism. Government should create fair rules for everyone and then be a referee, not a player.

Above all, I am a consistent advocate for personal freedom, individual rights, and legal equality, and I will work to revise or repeal laws at odds with these principles. The purpose of government is to protect individual rights, and it is illegitimate to use government power for any other purpose.

I am an advocate for:

I will bring a detail-oriented, thorough, and conscientious engineer's perspective to the legislature. Please visit my website for more detailed information:

(This information furnished by Kyle Markley.)

State Representative, 42nd District

No photo submitted

Jeremy Wilson


Occupation: Assistant General Manager

Occupational Background: Restaurant Industry

Educational Background: Culinary School

Prior Governmental Experience: N/A

Ultimately, I'm just a working class citizen who wants everyone to have more say in what happens to the money they earn. I've always considered it very important to vote, but the concept of choosing between the ‘lesser of two evils' never really sat well with me. I've decided to run for the House of Representatives to represent similarly minded people who may lean one way or another but still thinks the entrenched, two party system does not and cannot accurately reflect the opinions of the majority of the population.

I feel that a lot of candidates and incumbents are more concerned with getting your vote than what they will do when they get into office, I would like to change that by imposing congressional term limits to dissuade career politicians and get people who actually want to make a difference with the time they have.

I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity for success and the right to self-determination. There are too many times we hear of sluggish, bureaucratic programs and positions that operate to the detriment of the people they were originally enacted to protect and assist in times of need. It is my goal to streamline these programs where possible and make them more visible and approachable for the people in my district. That way we can all be better informed and make better judgments on the issues we are facing together.

I've never been too big on talking, especially when there's work to be done. Instead of dancing around difficult subjects, I would rather offer direct solutions and work out a viable alternative. I believe there are always ways to make things better and sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, and that is what I will bring to office if I am elected.

(This information furnished by Jeremy Wilson.)

State Representative, 48th District

Gary Dye

Gary Dye


Occupation: Landlord

Occupational Background: Chemical Engineer

Educational Background: BS ChE, BS Math, BS Physics, MBA

Prior Governmental Experience: Brooklyn Action Corp, David Douglas Budget Committee

I'm seeking office to better myself, my family, my friends, and society in general. Government force should be used as a reactive, last resort only–not a first resort. The role of government will not be to form a model of the ideal citizen, and then use coercion to fit everyone into that mold. Government will not operate as mother, father, or Providence.

I will work for:

(This information furnished by Gary Dye.)

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