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Statements for Liberty is a Political Action Committee (PAC) in Oregon dedicated to helping Libertarian candidates. We have a limited, focused mission: helping with Candidate Statements in the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet.

The Oregon Voters' Pamphlet is an excellent vehicle for communicating with voters. It reaches every voter, and is very often used by voters while they are filling out their ballot. Nothing else — not signs, not direct mail, not online, radio, or television advertising — has that close connection to the ballot.

A candidate who is on the ballot but who does not have a Candidate Statement is running on name recognition and party affiliation alone, and has a very hard time competing against opponents who do have statements. But a candidate who does have a Candidate Statement is giving voters an opportunity to hear their message at the single most important time in the election cycle.

If you are or are considering being a Libertarian candidate for political office, please read about how we help candidates. If you are an activist who would like to help us with our work, please read about how to help us. If you have money, please give us some. If you would like to follow what's happening with this organization, please request to be added to our Facebook group.

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